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 Learn the skills for communicating professionally in English through the lens of a  television broadcaster. Improve your presentation both on-screen and off-screen by  understanding the mechanics of tone of voice, nonverbal cues, and clear speech.

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1 Introduction to Professional Communication and Presentation   


One of the toughest things about being a broadcaster and presenter is juggling many  things at the same time, content, communication, presentation and other technical elements  including video, audio and equipment.   In this class, we will learn how to become stronger, more confident presenters and  communicators. At the end of the day, communication is about storytelling. 

2 Nonverbal Communication   


 Communication is not only about words and speaking. Communicating without words  also speaks volumes. Nonverbal communication is oftentimes its own language that's  universally understood.   Better understanding nonverbal communication will help you on the path to becoming  more confident, credible and professional communicators in any chosen career path. 

3 Looking the Part   


 Professional communication and presentation is not only about delivery, it also involves  appearance.   Presenting yourself well can make a big difference in whether a viewer, client or listener  decides if they like you. In this episode, we will discuss how to look the part through attire,  hair and makeup. 

4 Tone of Voice   


 Tones of voice change in different situations whether we are aware of it or not. Our  voices alter in speed, pitch and inflection depending on who we’re talking to, where we are  and the subject of conversation.   In this episode, we will examine how the voice instinctively changes according to  various circumstances. This understanding will aid you in matching your voices to your  messages for more effective communication. 

5 Standups and On-Camera Presentation   


 Broadcasters are trained to speak in front of the camera. To effectively present content  for various platforms whether it’s television or social media, it is crucial develop a  connection with your audience as you tell them your story.   In this episode, we will talk about different techniques for speaking professionally in  front of a camera, with what we call “standups” in the broadcast world. 

6 Anatomy of Speaking   


 Clear speech and a good voice are necessities in the world of broadcast, communication  and presentation. In this episode, we will learn about the technical roles that articulation  and resonance have in enhancing your speech and enriching your voice for improved  communication and presentation. 


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